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Big Tobacco has created a bunch of new products and marketing gimmicks to trap a new generation of customers with creative packaging, lower prices, and kid-friendly flavors. Scroll down to see some of the products we recently bought in Rhode Island. Most adults have never even noticed these in their stores! The tobacco companies do it for the money, as though the addiction, disease, and early death that come along are just some unfortunate side effects. We need your help!

Please spend some time investigating what kinds of tobacco products are sold and advertised in your community's stores – then tell us what you found.

Below, you'll find a downloadable reporting form that you can print and take with you as you do your own sidewalk surveillance. Once you have your info, you can either fax us back the sheet (401-331-5266) or enter your results online (form to be posted).

We'll be asking state and local lawmakers to support policies to reduce the influence of tobacco in our communities. Help open their eyes to this reality by showing what's going on in your neighborhood. And, if you find corner stores, pharmacies, gas stations or other retail outlets that have decided NOT to sell tobacco, let us know that, too, and maybe we'll give them an award!


Exposing Big Tobacco's Role in Your Community's Retail Environment (PDF)

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