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What WE Do

Tobacco Free RI is a statewide network of 50+ organizations working together to reduce tobacco use -- the leading cause of preventable death and disease in Rhode Island. TFRI is a coordinating network that brings together the people and organizations working on tobacco control in RI, facilitating communication and sharing information, resources and action strategies for policy change. TFRI provides advice and technical assistance to its network partners on best and promising policy practices, and convenes meetings and trainings so that network members can collaborate effectively and develop common policy change strategies.

What WE Can Do For YOU

1) Tobacco Updates

  • Receive periodic emails & newsletters keeping you up to date on the latest national, state and local news in tobacco research, prevention, cessation and policies.
  • Website availability 24/7. Highlights include: RI legislative updates, model ordinances, a media toolkit, tobacco fact sheets, reports and presentations, tobacco control ordinances and local policy issues.

2) Technical Assistance & Support

  • Want your local community to pass tobacco control ordinances like smoke-free parks or beaches, local tobacco retailer licenses, a ban on selling flavored tobacco products in your town? TFRI can assist you with research and data, provide model ordinance language, and lend support. The TFRI Coordinator can meet with you and/or members in your coalitions/organizations to discuss the issues and help you design a plan of action.

3) Education

  • Tobacco Free RI will coordinate a variety of trainings throughout the year, which will be available first to our partner organizations and individuals. TFRI will keep you up-to-date about other training opportunities and how you can take advantage of them.

4) Networking

  • Tobacco Free RI hosts various trainings, meetings and events throughout the year where you can network with other colleagues and advocates. Gain new board members. Collaborate on funding opportunities. Grow your contacts. TFRI has a vast network of individuals and partner organizations so if you have a question or need specific information, we can get you the information you want.

5) Recognition

  • In 2016, Tobacco Free RI will recognize individuals, organizations and coalitions who are doing exemplary work in tobacco control. A variety of awards will be presented at the annual meeting. So stay tuned!

Kenneth Eade, an American lawyer and author said, "You will always be a puppet on someone else's line if you don't care enough about the big picture to let your tiny voice be heard. When it is combined with the tiny voices of millions of others that is the real power". Tobacco Free Rhode Island IS organizations and individuals like YOU and together we MATTER! Join us TODAY!

Partner Membership Application

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