Tobacco Free RI aims to be the connecting force that empowers our network with strategies for effective change. We work with our partners to create an environment for success through education, enforcement, and communications.

Together, we work to limit the deadly influence of Big Tobacco in our state by:

  • Supporting high prices for all tobacco and nicotine products
  • Advocating for more state funding for tobacco cessation programs and products to help smokers quit
  • Working with communities to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke through passage of smokefree ordinances, policies and smoking bans
  • Educating decision-makers about the ways they can help reduce tobacco use and nicotine addiction
  • Exposing new and dangerous products intended to hook our kids on nicotine
  • Hosting forums and events to raise awareness
  • Publicizing personal stories to show the impact of tobacco on people’s lives
  • Providing youth and adult advocates the necessary tools to take on Big Tobacco


Tobacco Free RI Successes!

Tobacco Free RI Successes!
Tobacco control efforts in Rhode Island have come a long way. Though there is still much work to be done (tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in RI), it’s important to recognize the incredible progress we’ve made. Smoking is banned is most workplaces, as well as on state beaches and parks. Many municipalities and some colleges have also adopted their own tobacco control policies. This slideshow highlights some of those success stories. We hope it inspires you to keep working toward a truly tobacco free Rhode Island.

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Milestones and More

Milestones and More
In 2004, the State of Rhode Island adopted a piece of landmark legislation: the Public Health and Workplace Safety Act banned smoking in public places of employment, including, crucially, bars, restaurants, and other hospitality facilities. This was a milestone in the efforts to reduce tobacco use in Rhode Island and was the result of many committed partners working together for positive policy change. This area celebrates Rhode Island’s biggest victory over tobacco (so far).

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Upwards and Onwards

Upwards & Onwards
Though we’re proud of all that we’ve achieved there is still so much to be done. As long as tobacco remains the leading cause of preventable death in Rhode Island, our work is never over. These are some of the goals that our network continues to work towards – with your help, we can achieve them!

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