Tobacco Free Rhode Island is network of over 100 organizational partners. Structurally, TFRI works to address the emerging needs of our partners, as well as all Rhode Islanders. We do so through several core workgroups: Strategic Development, Policy, Cessation, and Youth Engagement, that all come together in our Steering Committee.


Steering Committee:

  • The TFRI Steering Committee is made up of representation from State Agencies tasked with Tobacco Control work, as well as the TFRI workgroups. The overarching goal of this group is to focus on the sustainability of TFRI, to ensure each workgroup communicates with each other, and to coordinate the direction of the overall network. Initiation and endorsement of this structure occurred at the November 2017 Annual Network Meeting.
  • Steering Committee
    • TFRI Interim Network Coordinator: Daniel Fitzgerald, MPH, ICPS
    • TFRI Community Engagement: Zoe Moreau
    • RI Department of Health: Valentina Adamova, MBA (Tobacco Control Program)
    • RI Department of Behavioral Healthcare: Maureen Mulligan, MS (FDA and Synar Program)
    • Strategic Development Workgroup Co-Chairs
      • Astrid Meijer, M.Ed, APS (West Warwick Prevention Coalitions)
      • Shannon Spurlock, MA (JSI / RI Prevention Resource Center)
    • Policy Workgroup Co-Chairs
      • Kristen Westmorland, MD, MPH (BAY Team / East Bay Regional Prevention Coalition)
      • Megan Tucker (American Heart Association)
    • Cessation Workgroup Co-Chairs
      • Kathy Yeager, CPS (North Kingstown Prevention Coalition)
      • Carolyn James (CODAC Behavioral Healthcare)
    • Youth Representative
      • Sean Palumbo (Mt. Hope STAAND & East Bay Prevention Coalition)
    • Meeting Minutes




Policy Workgroup:

  • This workgroup is tasked with assessing policy gaps and prioritizing policy priority areas for the Network. Upon creating policy priorities, the workgroup works to determine where TFRI should focus resources.
  • Having policy priority areas is not to be confused with having a policy agenda. TFRI will focus on providing educational resources to partners around the topics deemed a priority by this workgroup.
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Cessation Workgroup:

  • The TFRI Cessation Workgroup works alongside the Rhode Island Cessation Council to address tobacco treatment needs. This workgroup is comprised of a vast representation of tobacco control partners, including but not limited to, tobacco treatment specialists, prevention coalitions coordinators, medical directors, and more. This workgroup is tasked with providing community input into the mapping of treatment resources and the creation of a treatment referral network.
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Strategic Development Workgroup

Strategic Development Workgroup:

  • This workgroup is tasked with designing a structure to best match the intended purpose and utility of the network. Its focus revolves around forecasting/looking forward, identifying gaps and opportunities, education and outreach, assessment of funding opportunities, and advocating for data collection.
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