If you want to be a successful tobacco control advocate, you need to make sure that your message is being heard and understood. Knowing how to work with the media to draw attention to your issue is an important component of success – but it’s not something most people are familiar with. This page provides resources for crafting an effective message, soliciting news coverage, and developing a communications strategy. You’ll find sample press releases and op-ed submissions along with other tools for working with the media to move your issue forward.


TFRI Media Advocacy Toolkit
Knowing how to build relationships and engage with the media is a vital part of your campaign. This section will get you started with helpful advice for writing press releases, putting out statements, alerting the media about your events, and getting published in your local newspaper.

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TFRI Media Guide

Media Guide
There are a lot media outlets in Rhode Island. Building successful relationships requires learning what they do, who to contact, and how to reach them. Fortunately, the East Providence Prevention Coalition has already compiled a lot of that information for your reference. Keep in mind, staff and contact information change often at many media outlets, so while this document is a good starting point, it always helps to do a little research on your own.

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Marketing Your Events Guide

Marketing Your Events Guide
Various media outlets around the state maintain event listings and calendars. Getting your events listed is an excellent way to help spread the word and drive turnout. We’ve compiled a guide to some of the key resources.

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