Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
E-cigarettes, vaporizers, and other electronic nicotine delivery systems are the new frontier in the fight against tobacco and nicotine. These are developing products and markets, and often our existing smoking laws struggle to keep up. This section contains fact sheets to help you understand the nature of these products, the prevalence of their use, and the dangers they present.

Cigarettes & Nicotine

What is actually in cigarettes, other than tobacco? What are the different types of tobacco and nicotine products on the market today? How do tobacco smoke and nicotine affect us? What are the health impacts of smoking in Rhode Island? The fact sheets contained here will answer these questions and more.

Flavored Tobacco & Nicotine

Flavored tobacco and nicotine products are among the most insidious techniques the tobacco industry uses to recruit youth smokers. These fact sheets highlight their appeal to children and the troubling rate of their use.


A multi-stemmed device through which a flavored tobacco called shisha is smoked – is another cigarette alternative that is attracting younger smokers and often legally permitted in bars and restaurants. This fact sheet will teach you all the basics.

Smokeless Tobacco
Chewing tobacco and similar smokeless products may seem like the domain of baseball players from a bygone era, but they’re still surprisingly popular – especially among young people.  This fact sheet will bring you up to date on the use, marketing, and health impacts of smokeless tobacco products.

Little Cigars, Cigarillos & Cigars
The variety of cigar products and the difference between their regulation and that of cigarettes makes them another popular tool the tobacco industry uses to recruit youth smokers. They’re just as dangerous as cigarettes, but much harder to control. This sheet will help you understand basic facts and issues.

Cessation Resources
Adolescent cessation resources from CDC and national partners for back-to-school and other upcoming meetings, trainings, etc.


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