Creating Healthy Changes In Your Community
The Policy Adoption and Implementation Model (PAIM) is a system for effecting change that was developed the Los Angeles County Tobacco Control Program and adapted by the Rhode Island Department of Health, and highly recommended by Tobacco Free RI. The contents of this section will teach you the basics of PAIM and help you use it to develop your own campaign for change.

Electronic Nicotine & Marijuana Delivery Systems
Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) and marijuana present many new challenges for anti-smoking advocates. They both attract users far outside the market of regular cigarette smokers – including youth – and they often slip through loopholes in existing tobacco control laws and regulations. The training tools and resources here will help you understand these products, how they relate to existing anti-smoking efforts, and what needs to be done about them. There is also a glossary to terms for these new and often unfamiliar cigarette alternatives.

Standardized Tobacco Assessment for Retail Settings (STARS)
The Standardized Tobacco Assessment for Retail Settings (STARS) is a way to evaluate the way tobacco is being sold and merchandised by retailers in your community.  The contents of this section will help you understand and implement the national STARS survey in your community.

Winter Awareness Workshops: Youth Driven Tobacco Education 2017
Efforts to reduce youth smoking tend to be more effective when they are youth-driven. TFRI held our first ever youth tobacco conference on January 31, 2017 at Rhode Island College. It was youth planned, youth led, super hero themed and targeted high school aged youth. This conference brought together 102 youth and adult participants from across the state of Rhode Island. Twenty-two RI High Schools, 23 community/school based organizations and 5 state/national based organizations were in attendance. Youth from all over RI united, saw power in numbers and realized they aren't fighting BIG Tobacco alone. Bringing together all these individuals was powerful and impactful on many levels.  Here are the contents from this conference.

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