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Creating a Persuasive Personal Message (27-9-3)

Why do you care about tobacco control?
Developing your persuasive message
The 27-9-3 Rule

Sometimes, the best way to open a dialogue about tobacco control is to share your own reasons for caring about it. Maybe you lost a loved one to a tobacco caused disease; maybe you have fought your own battle with nicotine addiction and tobacco; maybe you live in an apartment building that is filled with smoke and it is affecting your child’s health; or, maybe you see it as a social justice issue. Use the 27-9-3 framework to craft a message that you might use to invite a deeper conversation about tobacco with a lawmaker, reporter, community member, etc. Follow the framework below and see what you can come up with!

Created by some Vermont lawmakers several years ago, the 27-9-3 rule requires you to make your persuasive point in no more than 27 words within a time frame no longer than nine seconds with no more than three points discussed.




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